Hellz Bellz Spring 07

Mmm mmm … Hellz Bellz Spring 07 just landed at Dope and once again, Lanie has outdone herself.

Hellz Bellz Spring 07

Fresh graphics, cheeky statements and bold colors are the trademarks of Hellz Bellz and this season is no exception.

Hellz Bellz Spring 07

As usual, the clothes look much better in real life than on the linesheet. It never ceases to be a pleasure to receive shipments from Hellz Bellz and we’re equally as excited every time we open their boxes.

Hellz Bellz Spring 07

This season also sees Hellz Bellz making the move into cut & sew, and as you can see here, they did a REALLY good job:

Hellz Bellz Spring 07

Get yours while you can!

34 Responses to “HELLZ BELLZ SPRING 07”

  1. IM ..
    p0lka d0ts freak!
    le0pard freak!
    GucCi freak!

    *lOve hellz bellz !

    keep r0ckz ! =)


  2. IM ..
    p0lka d0ts freak!
    le0pard freak!
    GucCi freak!
    HELLZ BELLZ FREAKkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! XD

    *lOve hellz bellz !

    keep r0ckz ! =)


  3. where can i get these tees ?
    wheres the shop ?????

  4. You can order these Ts directly from us.

    Just email us and tell us what you would like.

    We offer FREE shipping Malaysia-wide.

  5. [...] Dope Distribution nous lâches de jolies photos de la collection printemps Hellz Bellz, sortie il y a quelques semaines. Rappelons aussi que la collection est disponible sur d’autre e-shop dont Commonwealth. [...]

  6. Man that babe posing is hot whos she

  7. whoaa. these are hot. i like the hoodies especially. qould definitely order afew if there were designs for men.

    ps. the model, Lanie, i believe? is pretty hot as well. x)

  8. The model is one of our good friends, not the designer of Hellz Bellz.

    But of course, Lanie is SUPER FINE as well.


  9. Props from Canada. This is HOT.

  10. the gray hoody ~ sweet…

  11. when is these selling ?

  12. [...] Yo ladies Hellz Bellz Spring 2007 hoodies and tees has been distributed and you can cop yours at Dope Distribution now. You can order directly from them, just contact them with what you like and they offer FREE shipping within Malaysia. [...]

  13. Im feelin tha hoodyz, i would rock them thangz anyday yadamean.. but yea keep it comin, brang mo designz and fashion.. :) :) :)

  14. can i know how much is the grey hoody?

  15. How much is the tees? Do you guys ship to the U.S?

  16. We ship worldwide via Fed Ex.

    Email us and let us know what you want!

    (the hoodies are sold out already)

  17. Hello DOPE camp!
    Nice Tees, Nice girl!

  18. Heyyy, lanie got a myspace? Tight stuff btw

  19. WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i wan!!! i wan tht JACKETS.. the 3 jackets are cool n nice.. n n n the t shirts are all cute..!! where can i get those? can tell me? email to me the add of the shop tht sell all of these clothes ^^ btw the model is cute *winks *

  20. When I can got it?

  21. cant we know the prices?
    at least we can know! =)

    btw cool stuffs! is the grey hoodie still available?

  22. For retail enquiries, please email us directly.

    Thank you very much for your interest.

  23. what website can i go to purchase the spring 2007 tee’s and zip up hoodies?

  24. i needa cop this!

  25. I love the minnie black hoodie! and I want it now!! how much and how lond does shipping typically take??

  26. Is it too late to order the white coco bellz tshirt from your site? My friend ordered one fro here in May

  27. I am not sur if my first comment went through or not, but I wanted to know if it was too late to order the white coco bellz tshirt from you.

  28. Heey I was wondering if you still have the Black tee Hellz Bellz Gunning for Peace ..
    In small or medium, it doesn’t matter..

  29. do you have anymore grey Hellz bellz guning for peace hoodie in small? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET ME KNOW. asap

  30. Sorry, those sold out ages ago!

  31. hey do you have any hellz bellz gunning for peace tees in stock?

  32. heyy, will you be shipping anymore of hellz bellz stuff?

  33. We will not be bringing in any more Hellz Bellz product as they are not a very nice company to work with.

  34. Can I still get the Minnie Mouse with the gat tee?

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